April 12, 2007

God is Good All the Time!!!

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  “God is Good All the Time”

Recently, this phrase became popular because of the song by Don Moen. But I hope and pray that people know what this really means.

Late last year, 2006, while having a birthday party at my grandma’s place, my 7-year old sister suddenly had a high fever. We didn’t think it was something serious, but since it was late, we headed home.

The next morning, my sister’s fever was still high. She started vomiting. We thought it was something she ate at the party. That night, the vomiting never stopped which prompted us to take her to the hospital. We brought her to Ospital ng Maynila.

At the hospital, she stayed in the emergency department until the following morning for observation. It was only the second day of her sickness when rashes started to be visible on her chest. It was immediately confirmed that my sister had dengue.

As some of you know, dengue is viral therefore no medicine can cure it. The only way to kill the virus is through your immune system. In short, if you catch a viral disease, even if you are the richest person on earth, be treated by the best doctor, there is still a chance of you loosing your life. (Someone please correct me if this is not true).

When I found out that my sister had dengue, yes, I was worried but not scared. I think I was too preoccupied by the other worries of life such as work, that my mind was not able to process the situation. It only hit me hard when I went to the hospital to visit my sister. . . . .

My sister was in the comfort room when I saw her. She had dark circles under her eyes and a dextrose was connected to her.  Even though it was obvious that she was in pain because of stomachache, she greeted me, “Ate”, and tried to give me the best smile she can. I have to admit that it was not the most beautiful smile I’ve seen but it was definitely the warmest! I wanted to cry but tried my best not to let even a tear fall because I wanted that moment to be happy.

It was actually like a roller coaster ride from then on. Her platelet count was high one day, but the next day it was low. My feelings were the same with whatever was her platelet count. During the high days, I was happy. But during the low, I was crying myself to sleep.

Well, after a week, my sister was discharged. She had survived the deadly virus.

It was hard . . . . it was really hard! What kept me and my family going was GOD! Well He still is. You definitely feel His love, grace and mercy more during the dark days. Like a candle in a room, you appreciate the light that it gives, when the room is dark.

So you see my friends, it is not only through the happy times that God is good to us. Yes, salary increase is good, yes, promotion is good, yes, having a special someone who loves you is good. . . I will not argue with you on that. But I believe that you having the strength, the patience, the joy (yes you read right, joy) to go through such difficult situations is also good!

I know that in one way or another, all of us had experienced dark days. Some have recognized God’s embrace during those time, some have not but has just started to realize now.

Aren’t you glad we have a magnificent and wonderful God?  I know you are!  So, if you can please join me in thanking God, please do so by just saying these words . . .

God, we thank You . . .
for Your love,
for Your Grace,
for Your Mercy.